Travel Today — Home Edition

I am always hoping to create moments in my life that feel like I’m traveling, but during this time it’s essential. Even if that means having a cup of coffee and looking back at photos from previous getaways, reading a few chapters of your latest book, taking a drive to a scenic spot (by the water), listening to a favorite album, having a cup of tea, watching an episode of your favorite comfort show, enjoying something chocolate, exercising, listening to a podcast, creating, writing, drawing, taking photos, or putting a puzzle together. Create spaces in your home that feel like a quick getaway, even if it is a corner of a room (or a table). The state of our world is surreal, scary, and unsettling, and it is causing (and exacerbating) anxiety for so many people.

I’ve been trying to put my phone down so I am not inundated with news and social media posts, but it is so hard when you want to stay connected. I’m looking forward to our next getaway — whenever that might be… Honestly, I’m just excited to go sit down at a favorite restaurant for brunch or dinner with a glass of red. For now, I just want everyone to be safe and healthy (to stay home), and to take a few moments each day to breathe.

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