TWT: Interviews

Scott Patterson (President/CEO, Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee and Luke Danes of Gilmore Girls):

Kaitlyn Black (Actor, Hart of Dixie and #DateMe: An OkCupid Experiment):

Shelly Cole (Actor, Gilmore Girls and Cold Case):

Katherine Center (New York Times Best Selling Author – Things You Save in a Fire, How to Walk Away, What You Wish For):

Josie Silver (New York Times Best Selling Author — One Day in December, The Two Lives of Lydia Bird):

Abby Chin (Boston Celtics Host and Reporter NBC Sports Boston):

Caroline George (Author — Dearest Josephine, The Vestige):

Lorelei Savaryn (Author — The Circus of Stolen Dreams):

Jen Ziskin (New England-Based Restauranteur and Sommelier):

Brooke Anderson (Personal Trainer):

Jeni B. (Podcaster — This Is It Actually):

Liesl (Inn Owner — Historic Browning Guest House):

Linda and Tom (Owner — The Astor House):

Colette (Owner — Colette Bakery & Bistro):

Sara Sniderman (New England Family Photographer):

Lucy Malone (Willard Road Designer):

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