Interview with Ami Gangemella

Ami, Video Content Creator and Strategist and Wine Marketer, talks about her favorite vineyards on Long Island, her favorite wines, and the best spot to catch a sunset! She also shares words of wisdom for aspiring video content creators!

Travel and Write Today: How did you get into Wine Marketing? I know you are also a video content creator and strategist – how did you get into this industry? I’d love to hear your story.

Ami G.: My love for wine began while on a trip traveling through Tuscany. We stopped at a family vineyard called La Tancia, and we tasted their full portfolio of wines. It was the last wine of the evening, the San Jacopo Chianti Riserva that changed my life. After enjoying this elegant red wine that represented the wine region of Tuscany, I fell in love with wine. Once back from my Eurotrip, I read book after book about wine and became obsessed. I enrolled into the Certified Specialist of Wine program from the Society of Wine Educators, and passed my exam. I then decided to pursue a small business as a wine educator. But just as I was about to begin the Pandemic hit. I was faced with a new digital path and pivoted towards wine marketing for social media. I am most grateful for the pivot because it is a perfect way to encompass my zone of genius–content planning, video, and being a creator. Currently, I help small to medium wine brands grow and gain influence on social media through customized video strategy.

TWT: I know you grew up on Long Island (so did I!). What are your favorite spots in the area? What are some of your favorite vineyards? 

AG: As a woman growing up on Long Island, my favorite spots include going to various beaches. I enjoy traveling to Smiths Point, Jones Beach, and Long Beach. But my most favorite places to visit are the vineyards out East. I enjoy wine tasting at Suhru Wines, Jamesport Vineyards, RG|NY, Chronicle Wines, Sannino Vineyards, and McCall Wines just to name a few. I have yet to explore all of them. 

TWT: I grew up Long Island, as well, and spent so much time at the beach! I am adding all of these vineyards to my list of spots to visit when I am back on the Island!

TWT: What is your favorite book?

AG: Favorite book would have to be Windows of the World Complete Wine Course by Kevin Zraly. This was the first book I read, from cover to cover, and it simplified wine regions in such a way that I explored new wines to taste.

TWT: What is your go-to coffee/tea order, and from where?

AG: My go-to coffee order from Starbucks would be a Caramel Frappuccino, no whipped cream, and two shots of caramel syrup, with a pumpkin muffin when available in the autumn season.

TWT: The perfect coffee order for a cozy Autumn morning!

TWT: What is your favorite red and your favorite white? 

AG: My favorite red wine is Chianti, however I do enjoy all Italian red wines. My favorite white wine is Riesling from Germany.

TWT: I need to try more wines from Germany! I have been seeing Sauvignon Blanc from Germany, but I will try the Riesling. Italian reds are some of my favorites too.

TWT: Where is your favorite place to watch the sunrise/sunset?

AG: My favorite place to watch the sunset would be on the beach. It is a moment of Zen for me. To hear the waves crash, to have the gentle ocean breeze touch your face, and watch the sky change from its many colors. It is so beautiful. I do try to go when the moon is rising too, it’s a great phenomenon to observe.

TWT: Agreed…sounds perfect. It is so great that you are so close to the beach.

TWT: Can you share a memorable moment you have had while working in this industry?

AG: Attending wine trade events are my absolute favorite moments in the wine industry. Communicating with people who share the same passion as yourself from around the world, listening in on their stories about their wines, and how they make them, has always been so interesting to me. Meeting well known wine professionals and Masters of Wine while sitting at their table and striking up casual conversations, has left me appreciating this supportive wine community.

TWT: What do you love about being an entrepreneur? 

AG: I love waking up in the morning wanting to help wine brands reach their social media goals. I love to plan and watch their strategy come to life and produce results that make them successful. It is the ambition that drives me to want to connect with others who are like-minded, in enhancing their business, that makes me enjoy being an entrepreneur the most.

TWT: What advice would you give to aspiring video content creators?

AG: Focus on building a community first. Create video content that caters to their interests, while boosting your skills, and showing them how you can help your audience. By leading with connection, you will build a loyal following and engagement will be authentic, and your growth will be organic.

TWT: This is such great advice! It is also so important to show up authentically, and you always do this in your Instagram stories and videos!

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