About Me

Former teacher, currently working in HR, always a writer and traveler. If you’re deciding on the right time to work towards your goals or change careers, or the right time to take that next trip or the best time to write that book — the answer is today.

Here’s what you can expect from Travel and Write Today:

Travel: Travel Guides, Restaurant Reviews, Hotel Recommendations, Local Shops, Photography, etc.

Writing: Interviews, Poetry, To-Do Lists, Books, Articles, Songs, Playlist Recommendations, Inspiration, Words of Wisdom, Quotes, and Book Recommendations.

If you are interesting in collaborating/partnering, or if you’d like to be featured on Travel and Write Today, please send me an email travelandwritetoday@gmail.com. I’d love to connect! 

More about me:

I have been writing for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always loved traveling — whether it’s 1,000 miles away or somewhere in my own backyard – or it is just a staycation where I am creating moments that feel like I am traveling — that first sip of coffee, a made-to-order donut, a leisurely breakfast that includes a stack of pancakes, or dinner that includes a glass of wine. I love enjoying new experiences, as well as those familiar moments you return to again and again.

I love planning getaways, researching new destinations, and sharing tips and recommendations. I love talking and writing about all things travel — from local coffee shops and coffee companies, family-friendly hotels and restaurants, romantic getaways to best wine lists and best breakfasts. Feel free to share your favorite spots with me!

Some of my favorite things include: my family, spending time with friends, New England, photography, coastal/seaside towns, exploring new cities, coffee, Gilmore Girls, WDW, books, music, supporting local shops and small businesses, basketball games, local bookstores, wine, reruns of tv shows and sharing my adventures.

Thanks for joining me!