The year ahead…

In thinking about the New Year ahead I am starting to focus on the content for this blog, and on my various writing projects – both fiction and nonfiction.  I am always continuing to work on my Instagram and Twitter content, but I plan to write more often on this page, as well. I want this blog to be a few different things – a space to write about my journey – as a writer, traveler, and just as a human being, and a place to share our favorite travel spots – where to go for the best coffee and made-to-order donuts, which restaurants are the best for kids or date nights, and which hotels are the best for families or romantic getaways. I think this blog can be all of this, and that is my goal over the next year. I would love for you all to learn a little more about me through my writing, and through our travels. Please continue to follow along as I work to make this blog into what I’d like it to be.

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