Change Can Be a Good Thing…

Along with wanting to be a writer, I had always wanted to be a teacher. I could visualize myself standing in front of the classroom, and I dreamed of one day having my name on the students’ schedules that they received over the summer.  I worked hard to achieve that goal, and taught for years, but it never felt right. It is difficult to be on a path, and then make a drastic change mid-course. What will people say? How will I explain? Sometimes we need to do what feels right regardless of the comments, judgments, and criticisms of others. Sometimes we are led down a path because it will bring us elsewhere.  What we thought was the destination is merely a pit-stop. Life takes us down different paths for a reason. I’ve always wanted to work in a profession/field where I believed my skills were being utilized, where I felt passionate about the mission and values of the organization, where I felt fulfilled, and most importantly, where I felt like I was respected and making a difference.  Work is such a large part of our lives – it should not just be a place where you do not dread coming in, but where you feel rewarded, respected, and valued – where you actually enjoy being there. My goal has been to maybe not love work (all the time), but to really, really like it. To feel like I am doing great work, while taking the time to pursue my passions through side projects.  Since I left teaching, years ago, I’ve made many changes in my professional life – I’ve taken many leaps of faith, trusted my instincts, and went into uncharted waters.  I felt calm each time I made a decision, which I believe means I made the right choices at the time.  I walked away from something I worked hard to attain, and decided to start again.

The same goes for starting Travel and Write Today — I don’t know where this path will lead, but it felt like the right decision to get started.

3 thoughts on “Change Can Be a Good Thing…

  1. Madi Dearson

    I am so happy I found your blog:) I identify with this post so much ( I literally have a post with a very similar name on my own blog). Starting a new path on whatever stage you are in life is exciting. And I so agree with your point about work, it’s so important to love what you do, I can work 10 hours straight and not feel it because its something I love and do on my terms. Looking forward to your next posts.

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    1. travelandwritetoday ™ Post author

      Thank you so so much for the kind words! Please share your blog with me and I will follow along. It’s so true — starting a new path is exciting and can be a little scary. Love what you said — you’re doing something you love and you’re doing it on your own terms. That’s so important. I’ll be posting this week. My goal is to start posting once a week!

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  2. Baby Boomer Super Saver

    I’ve worn many hats in my career – social worker, artist, sales, herbalist, early childhood educator, speech therapy assistant . . . I like having a “toolbox” of skills I can turn to, or return to, as the need arises. It hasn’t bothered me to switch it up, and I never worry about what other people think about it. There’s no need to explain it to others. As you pointed out, you have to do what is right for you. Life’s a journey, and there are no wrong steps on your path of personal development and growth. You have a lovely blog – keep writing!



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