Finding Time

It’s important to me to do something I love every single day — whether it’s as simple as researching new spots in New England, reading a few chapters (or even pages) of a book, time with close friends, watching a few minutes of a favorite show, or writing my next blog post.  There are things that I easily find time for — morning coffee, family time, work related to my day job, thinking about our next getaway, finding beauty in my own backyard, and my Instagram page. The question is: How do you find time to fit in your passions and your hobbies? Do you wake up early before the sun rises? Do you stay up late into the night? I always want to make sure that I am listening to my own words about doing something today.

I like to get up early in the morning — hours before I need to be anywhere.  I will have a cup of coffee with a book or journal — I’ll also have my computer, to research and plan, and my blog page is always open and ready for the next post. This is when I spend the most time writing. I feel like my head is clear and the words flow; it’s before I need to look at the to-do list. I’m making the effort to write every single day — whenever I find the time, even if it is during my lunch break or just before going to bed. Like I’ve said in my previous post, if you want to be a writer you write.  You make the time.  The things that I am most passionate about, are also tied to my own personal and professional goals. I know that I need to always make the time to do the things I love — it’s that important.

When do you find the time to do the things you love today, whatever your something is…(doesn’t have to be traveling or writing)?



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