Talking Travel

While at work today, IT needed remote access to my laptop. The first thing he said when he saw my screen was “Wow, what a beautiful place – where is that located?”. My desktop wallpaper is a picture of the Don Cesar Resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida. We started talking about the hotel, and about this beautiful stretch of beach in St. Pete. The tech had never heard of it before, but I am sure he will start doing some research. He started quietly working on my computer, and then he said “We were just in New York City over the weekend visiting a friend”.  We started talking about some of the restaurants and rooftop bars he visited, and how great of a place NYC is — all it took was me asking “What did you do while you were in NYC?”, and his voice instantly sounded happier. It seemed like for just a few moments he wasn’t focused on his work day, but rather on the adventure he had over the weekend.  This was my way of traveling today.

Strangely, my computer was stuck on airplane mode, and we both had the same thought – that the universe was trying to tell me it was time to start planning the next getaway.Don _ Background

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