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Travel Today — Cape Cod Bakeries, Donuts & Coffee Shops 

Written by @lillieonthego

So you finally crossed the bridge and arrived safe and sound on Cape Cod – but you’re really craving some coffee and a snack. Look no further! Here are some of my very favorite spots, from Falmouth to Provincetown, to tide you over to dinner. 

Nirvana Coffee Company – Barnstable Village

Go for: coffee, snacks

Vibe: cozy 

Nirvana Coffee Company is one of my favorite coffee shops by far. The coffee is great, everyone is friendly and the snacks are tasty (I recommend the almond croissant or lemon scone). It’s a great place to stop for a drink and snack on the way to the beach, or to set up and study for an afternoon, right at the center of Barnstable Village.

 The Canteen – Provincetown

Go for: tasty snacks

Vibe: tropical beach vacation

While The Canteen is known for it’s delicious food, their baked goods are interesting and delicious. Lemon poppyseed poundcake? Yes please! And their brewed coffee isn’t so bad either. Plus, you get to sit out on their back deck overlooking the beach before strolling Commercial Street. 

Relish Bakery & Sandwich Shop – Provincetown

Go for: baked goods and pastries

Vibe: cute seaside 

If you walk along Commercial Street and past the busy shops, around a corner and along some of the most beautiful Provincetown gardens, you’ll come across this adorable little bakery. While it’s standing room only, it’s worth walking with your snack. I go for the key lime pie, but the tartes and tray bakes are nothing to sleep on. Plus they have a number of vegan and gluten-free options!

Hole in One – Eastham and Orleans

Go for: donuts, coffee

Vibe: grab ‘n’ go

Every time I drive within 8 miles of one of the Hole in One locations, I stop. I can’t help it, my car has an autopilot setting that takes me straight to the door! I usually go for a black coffee and half a dozen donuts (to share – I can only eat about 3 ½-4 per sitting, not quite 6). My personal favorites are the sour cream, toasted coconut and Boston Creme. 

Amie Bakery – Osterville

Go for: pastries 

Vibe: bougie 

Amie Bakery recently opened their new location, and it’s beautiful – the location is all clean lines, bright whites and cool, classic patterns. Oh, and the pastries are pretty good too! I’m partial to their croissants and raspberry scones, and their cookies are delish. The cafe is a great place to sit with a snack, or grab it on the way to the beach – what is more luxurious than grabbing a latte and a croissant, and watching the sunrise?

Maison Villatte – Falmouth

Go for: pastries, fresh bread, desserts

Vibe: Parisian

When you’re looking for that beautiful fruit tartelette or rows of freshly made breads, this is the place. You feel like you’ve just strolled down a street in France and popped into a local bakery for a bite to eat. What’s for lunch today – a sandwich and an eclair? Or just two eclairs? So many options. Plus, bringing home a box of goodies from this place is sure to be a big hit, whether you need a dessert for a dinner party or an anniversary surprise. 

Spoon and Seed – Hyannis

Go for: spudnuts, blueberry muffins, cheddar scones and fresh jam

Vibe: Homey farm-to-table 

While also a restaurant, their baked goods are not to be ignored. From delicious foccacia and cheddar scones, to spudnuts (donuts made from potatoes! The ingenuity!) and blueberry scones, it’s worth stopping here whether for the entire meal or a snack. Along with their homemade bagels, muffins and biscuits there are always a few seasonal jams available to compliment them.

Cape Cod Donuts – Cape Cod

Go for: freshly-made donuts

Vibe: food truck

These are my favorite donuts right now. They are freshly made in a number of flavors ranging from apple cider to pumpkin cranberry! They can be found on Facebook, and are stationed at different places depending on the day and season.