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Travel Today – Featured Photographer

Kendall (Follow along on Instagram: coastthecoast)

When did you start this Instagram page, and what was your motivation for getting started? I started my Instagram page in 2015, but I was so busy working multiple jobs while going to school that I posted pretty intermittently until 2019.  I originally started my page because I was so busy that in the rare occasion that I had enough time off for a trip, I wanted to really make it count. I would spend a lot of time researching the perfect trip! Most of the time I used Instagram just for New England travel inspiration, but when I was able to find a really cool place to visit, I always liked to share that with other people as well. Even today I am so happy when someone tells me that they travelled somewhere after seeing it in my pictures, asks me for more information about places I’ve travelled, or explain that they live far away or are really busy but live vicariously through my page – and I totally know how that feels! I focus my page on East Coast day and weekend trips, so those interactions are the whole point of Instagram for me.

Have you always lived in Connecticut? I was born in Connecticut, but I actually moved to Ohio when I was 10, and then moved to Rhode Island for college! I lived in both Newport and Providence, and they are two of the most beautiful places, and I feel so lucky for the time I got to spend there. Later I moved to Connecticut for my current job. Coming from Ohio, being able to explore the East Coast as an adult was so exciting for me, and Instagram really helped show me where I wanted to go and what I wanted to see! To this day I still get pretty much all my travel inspiration from all the other great New England pages on Instagram!

What are some of your favorite spots for a day trip in New England? Oh man, so many. I really love taking frequent day trips to Rhode Island including Newport, Providence, and Jamestown. I also spend a lot of afternoons in Stonington Borough and Mystic Connecticut.

What is your favorite place to watch the sunrise/sunset? I actually moved to a little seaside house in Groton Long Point when I first moved to Connecticut and GLP had the most amazing sunsets of all time. I would also have to say Newport Harbor has amazing sunsets, but you really can’t go wrong anywhere on the water!

What is your favorite book? I really enjoy reading plays and have some favorite collections from Samuel Beckett and Tom Stoppard. The great thing about plays is the way you can pull apart and explore a really complex issue through opposing dialogue and emotions.

Some of your favorite musicians? Well my fiancé plays piano and writes songs, and I could listen to him play for hours, so I would have to say he is my favorite! Some of my other favorites are The Wood Brothers, Willie Watson, Fleet Foxes, and Bob Dylan.

What cities/towns are on your list of places to visit on the East Coast? Ok anywhere in Maine and Nantucket! Those are two New England 101 places that I cannot even believe I have not been to yet. Next year I want to see Nantucket during hydrangea season because it looks incredible. I would also like to see the lupines up north in the spring.

What are some of your favorite restaurants on the East Coast? I have a lot of Newport RI staples including White Horse Tavern and Midtown Oyster Bar. I also go to Red36 in Mystic Connecticut a lot.

Favorite quotes/words of wisdom? One quote that I like to keep in mind is: “It’s not always where you go, but who’s by your side that matters.” I always tell myself to not only appreciate the places, but appreciate the people I’m with more! It can also be applied to a lot of other areas in life besides travel!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to create a social media account and/or blog? I’ve found a lot of happiness from my Instagram experience. It helps me figure out where I want to travel, share travel ideas, and talk with so many kind people who share similar interests. And if an Instagram page or blog is something you want to actively invest your time in, ask yourself how it can result in making you feel happy, fulfilled, and experience growth, and do that!

Stowe, Vermont 


The Morgan Library & Museum 


Yale University (New Haven, Connecticut)


North Lighthouse (Block Island, Rhode Island)


Travel Today – Featured Photographers

Kelly and Jeremy (Follow along on Instagram: nesnapshots)

When did you start this Instagram page, and what was your motivation for getting started? New England Snapshots was started in February of 2019, by Jeremy and Kelly, because Kelly had a dream about having a local travel blog. We were vacationing on Loon Mountain in New Hampshire.

What are some of your favorite spots in New England? Some of our favorite spots in New England are, Cape Cod, Good Harbor, Gloucester, Boston and Boston sport venues, Portland, Maine, and Newport, Rhode Island.

What is your favorite place to watch the sunrise/sunset? We have two favorite spots: Spectacle Island in Boston Harbor (Boston, MA) and Provincetown (Cape Cod, MA)

What advice would you give to someone who wants to create a social media account and/or blog? When it comes to creating a social media account, have patience, and post pictures and items that interest you. Other people will see your passion. It’s also important to build relationships with other accounts.

What is your favorite book?
Being an elementary school teacher, in New England, my favorite book is Make Way for Ducklings (Robert McCloskey).

Some of your favorite musicians? We have some old school taste in music between Frank Sinatra, Elton John, The Beatles. Call us old souls!

What cities/towns are on your list of places to visit in New England? We really want to explore some of the fun and major towns of New England, including: Burlington, VT. Bar Harbor, ME, Connecticut in general, Narragansett, RI, & Nantucket, MA.

Favorite New England restaurants, and what are your favorite items on the menu? We are two foodies! Some of our favorite restaurants include:

What do you love about Instagram? We love that we can connect with friends near and far, over our mutual love for New England. Also, that we are able to feature family and friends’ photography, including Kelly’s dad, Steve, from Mashpee, Cape Cod.

Here are a few of Kelly and Jeremy’s favorite photos they’ve taken throughout New England:


Travel Today – Featured Photographer

Sara Harrison (Follow along @sara_bristolri

When did you start this Instagram page, and what was your motivation for getting started? I started my IG in 2012, posting pictures of my every day life. There was no rhyme or reason, just pictures of what I happened to be doing. It’s evolved over the past two or three years as I learned more about photography and composition, and focused on finding unique and striking shots. I began to pursue my passion of sharing my favorite places in and around Rhode Island and New England, and found a nice response to my photos. I’ve been honored to have sold a few of my photos to followers, and feel proud of how far I’ve come.

Have you always lived in Rhode Island? I’ve lived in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Although I love to travel, I can’t imagine living anywhere other than New England.

What are some of your favorite spots in New England? The White Mountains in NH: Portland, Ogunquit, and Kennebunkport, ME; Chatham, Wellfleet, Westport, Newburyport, and Ipswich, MA; Jamestown, Newport, Little Compton, and of course Bristol, RI.

What is your favorite place to watch the sunrise/sunset? Independence Park over Bristol Harbor, and although not in New England, the best sunset you’ll ever see is in Key West.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to create a social media account and/or blog? Explore your interests and be yourself. Write and post in your own voice, but allow others to inspire you. Be creative, take chances, and be open to new experiences.

What is your favorite book? As a serious bibliophile, I read every day. A few books that I’ll read over and over are The Last Days of Summer by Steve Kluger, Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano, The Bookseller by Cynthia Swanson, She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb, and everything by Fannie Flagg, Karma Brown, and Sarah Pekkanen.

Some of your favorite musicians? I love Johnnyswim, Hall and Oates, John Mayer, Michael Bublé, Taylor Swift and Kacey Musgraves. I also listen to Christmas music year round.

What cities/towns are on your list of places to visit in New England? I’m looking forward to an early autumn weekend in Bennington, VT. I’ve never been to Watch Hill despite living in Rhode Island, so drinks at The Ocean House is high on my list.

Favorite quotes/words of wisdom? My Mim always said “Make your own good time”, and I try to embrace that sentiment every day.

What do you love about Instagram? What is something you would love to change? I’ve met so many amazingly talented, kind, and generous friends through Instagram. It gives us such a cool perspective into people’s lives all over the world, and I love that. On the other hand, I’m really put off by how unkind people can be in the comments of a post. We need to come together now more than ever, and we can start by keeping negativity out of the comments.

Here are a few of Sara’s favorite photos she has taken over the years:

Sara Photo 4Sara Photo 3Sara Photo 2Sara Photo 1

Travel Today — Cape Cod Bakeries, Donuts & Coffee Shops 

Written by @lillieonthego

So you finally crossed the bridge and arrived safe and sound on Cape Cod – but you’re really craving some coffee and a snack. Look no further! Here are some of my very favorite spots, from Falmouth to Provincetown, to tide you over to dinner. 

Nirvana Coffee Company – Barnstable Village

Go for: coffee, snacks

Vibe: cozy 

Nirvana Coffee Company is one of my favorite coffee shops by far. The coffee is great, everyone is friendly and the snacks are tasty (I recommend the almond croissant or lemon scone). It’s a great place to stop for a drink and snack on the way to the beach, or to set up and study for an afternoon, right at the center of Barnstable Village.

 The Canteen – Provincetown

Go for: tasty snacks

Vibe: tropical beach vacation

While The Canteen is known for it’s delicious food, their baked goods are interesting and delicious. Lemon poppyseed poundcake? Yes please! And their brewed coffee isn’t so bad either. Plus, you get to sit out on their back deck overlooking the beach before strolling Commercial Street. 

Relish Bakery & Sandwich Shop – Provincetown

Go for: baked goods and pastries

Vibe: cute seaside 

If you walk along Commercial Street and past the busy shops, around a corner and along some of the most beautiful Provincetown gardens, you’ll come across this adorable little bakery. While it’s standing room only, it’s worth walking with your snack. I go for the key lime pie, but the tartes and tray bakes are nothing to sleep on. Plus they have a number of vegan and gluten-free options!

Hole in One – Eastham and Orleans

Go for: donuts, coffee

Vibe: grab ‘n’ go

Every time I drive within 8 miles of one of the Hole in One locations, I stop. I can’t help it, my car has an autopilot setting that takes me straight to the door! I usually go for a black coffee and half a dozen donuts (to share – I can only eat about 3 ½-4 per sitting, not quite 6). My personal favorites are the sour cream, toasted coconut and Boston Creme. 

Amie Bakery – Osterville

Go for: pastries 

Vibe: bougie 

Amie Bakery recently opened their new location, and it’s beautiful – the location is all clean lines, bright whites and cool, classic patterns. Oh, and the pastries are pretty good too! I’m partial to their croissants and raspberry scones, and their cookies are delish. The cafe is a great place to sit with a snack, or grab it on the way to the beach – what is more luxurious than grabbing a latte and a croissant, and watching the sunrise?

Maison Villatte – Falmouth

Go for: pastries, fresh bread, desserts

Vibe: Parisian

When you’re looking for that beautiful fruit tartelette or rows of freshly made breads, this is the place. You feel like you’ve just strolled down a street in France and popped into a local bakery for a bite to eat. What’s for lunch today – a sandwich and an eclair? Or just two eclairs? So many options. Plus, bringing home a box of goodies from this place is sure to be a big hit, whether you need a dessert for a dinner party or an anniversary surprise. 

Spoon and Seed – Hyannis

Go for: spudnuts, blueberry muffins, cheddar scones and fresh jam

Vibe: Homey farm-to-table 

While also a restaurant, their baked goods are not to be ignored. From delicious foccacia and cheddar scones, to spudnuts (donuts made from potatoes! The ingenuity!) and blueberry scones, it’s worth stopping here whether for the entire meal or a snack. Along with their homemade bagels, muffins and biscuits there are always a few seasonal jams available to compliment them.

Cape Cod Donuts – Cape Cod

Go for: freshly-made donuts

Vibe: food truck

These are my favorite donuts right now. They are freshly made in a number of flavors ranging from apple cider to pumpkin cranberry! They can be found on Facebook, and are stationed at different places depending on the day and season.

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